New Office Parking/Directions

The map below shows the location of the Washington Revels Office at Glen Echo Park (denoted by the red pin point on the map), as well as its proximity to public parking, nearby public transit, and local restaurants.

Parking Information

There are two available parking lots at Glen Echo Park depending on your arrival time:

Glen Echo Public Parking Lot (green pin point on the map below)

Glen Echo Park’s Public Lot is always available. It is accessed via Oxford Road (GPS address: 5801 Oxford Rd, Glen Echo, MD 20812). From this lot, you follow the paved trail across the bridge through the woods and into the main park campus. As you reach the end of the paved trail, the Revels Office is on the lower level of the brick building on your right, across from the “Crystal Pool” facade.

Glen Echo Permit Parking Lot (yellow pin point on the map below)

Glen Echo Park’s Upper Permit Lot opens to the public at 4 pm (permit-only from 8 am-4 pm). From this lot, walk towards the Arcade building and enter under the neon “Glen Echo Park” sign. You access this lot via the entrance nearest to the traffic circle on MacArthur Blvd (GPS address: 7300 MacArthur Blvd, Glen Echo, MD 20812). Note: the parking spaces directly in front of the Arcade building are permit-only at all times.

Public Transit

Glen Echo Park is accessible by the #29 Ride On bus, operating daily from the Friendship Heights metro station (Red Line) and operating on weekdays from the Bethesda metro station (Red Line). For information on rates and schedules, follow the links below to Montgomery County’s Transit website.