Parking and Directions

The map below shows the location of the Washington Revels Office and Studio Space (denoted by the red pin point on the map), as well as their proximity to the Metro and the location of a number of Silver Spring restaurants and markets along the way.

Public Transportation

The office is easily accessible by the #15 Ride On bus from the Silver Spring Metro station (Red line). Get off the bus at the intersection of Wayne Avenue and Dale Drive and walk up the small hill on Dale, keeping the school buildings to your right. The Revels office is 2 very short blocks from Wayne, at the intersection of Dale and Dartmouth.

Parking Information

Because we need to be a good neighbor, please do not park on the neighborhood streets unless the options outlined below are unavailable. Parking is available in the office parking lot or the lots connected with the two schools located one block from the office. Each of these areas is noted by a colored pin point on the map below.  Please read the information below concerning parking:

Washington Revels Parking Lot (blue pin point on the map below)

The Revels lot (blue marker) has 10 spaces, one of which is designated for handicapped parking. On Wednesdays between 4pm and 10:30pm, you should not park in the office lot unless you need to use the handicapped space; instead you should use the school lot one block away (see green and yellow markers on the map). On other days, you may use the Revels lot if there are spaces available.

SSIMS School Parking Lot (yellow pin point on the map below)

Washington Revels has permission from Silver Spring International Middle School (SSIMS) to use the upper and lot after 4pm on school days and all day on weekends, so long as there is not a conflicting function at the school.

SSIMS is located just one block from the Washington Revels Office, at the intersection of Wayne Ave and Dale Drive.  It has one 82-space “upper” lot (yellow marker), which is closest to the Washington Revels office; the old 37-space “lower” lot (green marker) is no longer available. Cars enter and exit the upper lot from Dale Drive.

We will alert groups that are coming to the building if there are conflicts that will prohibit our use of the lots. On many afternoons and evenings the school uses some of the parking spaces in the upper lot, but there will be enough spaces for Washington Revels visitors as well. For this reason, whenever you park in the upper lot, please park in the spaces nearest Dale Drive, i.e., furthest away from the school building.

General Street Parking

If parking spaces are not available in the school lot, you can see if parking is available on the streets surrounding 531 Dale Drive. However, check the parking signs carefully because availability is often restricted to specific hours during the school day. Please also be sensitive to the fact that neighborhood residents often need to use the streets for parking as well. For this reason, whenever possible you should park in the school lot rather than on streets in front of homes.