Washington Revels stands for community, for bringing people together, for celebrating the traditions that connect us and make us whole. When a member of our community is in anguish, we support them, we listen deeply, and we do our best to help. Because a community cannot itself be whole while any one of its members is oppressed and grieving. To our community members, friends, and neighbors of color who are in anguish now, Washington Revels stands with you. Please read our full statement here
Daily Antidote of Song

Daily Antidote of Song

Join our virtual community for song and conversation with artists from around the globe every day at noon EDT. The perfect antidote to these challenging times.

A Season of Reveling

Take hands with us as we journey through the Fall holidays that bring joy to so many, from the Autumnal Equinox to the Winter Solstice and beyond!

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