Washington Revels Parade
Our two summer parades are the very best way for first-timers to join in the fun of Revels! We march, sing, play, and show thousands of spectators something of what Washington Revels is all about! (Other Revelers sit curbside and cheer us on.)

On July 4 we march in the historic Takoma Park Independence Day Parade and on Labor Day we march in the Kensington Labor Day Parade.

Our joyous and robust band of revelers — adults, teens, and children — are a colorful and lively musical section of these parades. We are always joined by the Hobby Horse, our intrepid Fool, and 50-or-so Revelers bedecked with garlands and flower crowns and waving bright banners and ribbon sticks. Those who play an instrument that can be easily carried join in the band. Together, we wow the crowds with favorite Revels tunes and dances.

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