Props Designer: Christmas Revels 2019

Washington Revels seeks a Props Designer for The Christmas Revels at GW Lisner Auditorium in December 2019. The Props Designer will work with the Director, Set Designer, Production Manager and Revels’ volunteer artisans. The Props Designer will pull from Revels’ stock, coordinate with other local theater companies to borrow props, and oversee design and creation of props unique to this year’s production, “Celestial Fools.”

This year’s production centers around a “Brueghelian” village at the Winter Solstice, where visitors from outside this village introduce themes of the disappearance and re-emergence of light at the end of the solar year. Focus of props design will concentrate on, but not be exclusive to, themes of harvest and light. Learn more about our 2019 production here.

The time commitment for this position is broad, but doesn’t require a great deal of focused time until the tech period in December.

Specific dates of residency are Wednesday evenings and weekends (as negotiated) in September, October and November; chorus rehearsals, Nov 15-17; tech period, Dec 1-6.

This position offers a paid stipend.

Contact Production Manager Colin K. Bills with questions or interest: