June 1 & 2 – Mother Ann: Simple Gifts of Shaker Music

Mother Ann - Shaker Concerts with the Capitol Hill Chorale, June 1 and 2

Celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Shakers’ arrival in America and their beloved Mother Ann Lee on Saturday, June 1st at 7:30pm and Sunday, June 2nd at 4:00pm at Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church.

In 1774, Mother Ann Lee and eight followers of the United Society of Believers left England for the American colonies. Commonly known as the “Shakers” for their ecstatic movement during worship, they built communities across the east with reputations for pacifism, prayerful devotion, and high craftsmanship. Over the centuries, the Shakers in America have also gathered a catalog of beautiful, emotional music received in prayer, dreams, and visions.

For this concert, Washington Revels Heritage and Jubilee Voices are joining forces with the Capitol Hill Chorale in celebration of the rich, musical tradition of the Shakers  alongside the 250th anniversary of the Shakers’ arrival in America, all while honoring their beloved Mother Ann. With transcriptions and arrangements by composer-in-residence Kevin Siegfried, this concert will include many Shaker tunes you know and love along with many that you’ve never heard before!

Saturday, June 1, at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday, June 2, at 4:00 p.m.
Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church
201 4th St SE, Washington, DC 20003  < View map >
Adults: $30 / Youth (13-30): $25 / Children (12 and under): Free
On-demand Tickets: $15