May 6 – Family Fun Night

Family Fun Night… in your living room!

Experience the joy, wonder and whimsy of the arts from home! This May, regular host Munit Mesfin takes over the virtual main stage as Munit and Z Lovebugs serenade us with originals and fun classics!

Munit and Z Lovebugs are sisters Meezan and Ayana with their mom, Munit. As they spent many days and nights and hours upon hours together, they started making up songs and playing with the ukuleles they love! One Saturday they jammed at the Children’s Music Network’s conference and were asked to sing at the closing event — and thus, Munit and Z Lovebugs were born! They sing songs about the world, friendship, joy, kindness, and use many different languages to create a global experience!

Aimed at preschoolers and families. Meets on the first Thursday of each month through June 2021!

And even though we’re not gathering at El Golfo Restaurant, consider ordering their take-out or home-delivery for the full Family Fun Night experience, and to support our event partner! Call 301-608-2121 or visit their website to order.

Visit Carpe Diem Arts’ website for instructions on how to participate.

DATE/TIME: Thursday, May 6, 2021, 6:30-7:15 pm
LOCATION: Your Living Room! Visit Carpe Diem Arts’ website for instructions on how to participate.
TICKETS: FREE! Please consider donating $5 or more to Carpe Diem Arts in support of our featured artists to help compensate for COVID-19 income losses.

Jump Start with the Arts is an early childhood arts enrichment program of Carpe Diem Arts that supports healthy and joyful social and cognitive development in the early stages of learning and provides preschool-age children with memorable, educational, developmentally appropriate, and culturally diverse experiences through the Arts.

Washington Revels is proud to collaborate on Carpe Diem’s Jump Start for the Arts, which is sponsored by the Finn Family Group, Washington Revels and Takoma Radio and co-hosted by the Takoma Children’s School and El Golfo Restaurant.face