Ongoing – April/May Month of Service

Spread Revels Joy through Service!

There’s still time to send in your cards!

The Washington Revels and Carpe Diem Arts communities are coming together to make “Thank You” cards for health care workers. Our first recipient hospital will be Howard University Hospital, where at least one health-care worker has died from the virus, and numerous others are working in tough conditions to help our community. We are aiming for 1,500+ cards!

How to Volunteer:

  1. Send an email to Jo Rasi to let us know you plan to participate, along with the number of cards you expect to make. Feel free to contact Jo with with questions, too.
  2. Mail completed cards to Jo Rasi — mailing address will be sent in her reply to your email. (Jo will deliver cards to the hospital.) You can also drop completed cards in the mailbox by the Revels Office door.

Card-Making Instructions:

  1. You can use cards from boxed set or pre-printed Thank You cards, or make your own (see instructions 2-3).
  2. Make cards using construction paper or card stock. The ideal size is a piece of construction paper folded in half (approx. 6×9 inches, horizontal or vertical). Smaller is fine, but please nothing bigger.
  3. Decorate the cards as you wish with whatever supplies you have at home: colored pencils, markers, crayons, stamps, decorative tape, and even cut-out designs or borders from things in your recycling, like brochures or magazines. Please no glitter or glitter pens, or anything else that will leak or smear or potentially rub off onto other cards.
  4. Whatever cards you use, write messages from the heart, please! Begin with “Dear Health Care Worker” (or any other title you wish). Please sign with your name and our partner organizations. Ex: “Thank you again, with hugs from Jo, Carpe Diem Arts & Washington Revels”
  5. We hope that families will work together to make at least a dozen cards per family.

Extra Thoughts:

  1. Be in touch with friends and family (from Carpe Diem Arts, Revels, or otherwise!) and ask if they would like to join you for a virtual card-making celebration. Put the computer on the table and make cards together, chat, and show each other your cards, too. If you wish to join forces with someone you don’t already know, contact Jo and she will link families for card-making time.
  2. Fun note: On April 6, we launched the Daily Antidotes of Song to pick up our spirits, energizing each day singing along with our community. The link to the daily song will be handwritten into the cards by Jo and her family, inviting health care workers to join us in a morning song wherever there is interest and time. Ask Jo for the info if you’re willing to write it into the cards yourself.
DATE/TIME: Ongoing
TICKETS: Free to participate — thanks for volunteering your time with Revels!
LOCATION: Your Own Home (and via video chat if you choose)