September 22 – Jubilee Voices at Talbot Avenue Bridge

Celebrate the 100th birthday of this historic bridge!

Washington Revels Jubilee Voices joins the Talbot Avenue Bridge Centennial Planning Committee to celebrate the 100th birthday of the historic Talbot Avenue Bridge. This wood-and-steel structure was an essential lifeline connecting the historically African-American community of Lyttonsville with the rest of Silver Spring throughout much of the 20th Century. During the ceremonies honoring the bridge’s legacy, the Voices will perform music from across the spectrum of the African-American experience, from 19th-century shouts and spirituals to anthems of the Civil Rights movement.

Read a preview of this event featuring Jubilee Voices Director Andrea Blackford:

DATE/TIME: Saturday, September 22, 2–5 pm (September 29 rain date)
Washington Revels Jubilee Voices performs during the main ceremony (3–4 pm).
LOCATION: Talbot Avenue Bridge, at the intersection of Talbot Ave. and 4th Ave., Silver Spring, MD, 20910 <view map>
MORE INFO: Visit the Centennial Planning Committee’s website
TICKETS: Free and open to the public