Video of the Week

In addition to our ongoing virtual programs, we’ve unlocked the video vault to share a different video every week on our website. Enjoy a selection of previous Washington Revels programs and productions:

Week of August 31:

The 2010 Christmas Revels: Thomas Hardy’s Wessex

This week we return to the Winter traditions of Western England that were immortalized by the writings of novelist Thomas Hardy. Be sure to watch for a fancifully-shaped instrument: the “Serpent,” one of the musical delights that the UK-based Mellstock Band brought to us that year. And, if you can, please support Washington Revels with a charitable gift:

Previous Videos

Week of August 24:

The 2013 Christmas Revels: Echoes of Thrace

For this week’s special treat, revel in an imagined village where traditions from Bulgaria, Greece, Thracian Turkey, and beyond are woven together in a swirl of beautiful costumes, haunting melodies, fiery instrumentals, and traditional folk tales.

Week of August 17:

The 2005 Christmas Revels: Northlands (Nordic)

Legendary tales, rousing carols, and feats of dance await in our 2005 Solstice journey to the Northlands of Scandinavia! Relive the magic of these much beloved Winter traditions.

Week of August 10:

The 2008 Christmas Revels: A French-Canadian Winter Celebration

Climb aboard a flying canoe as we take a voyage back in time to the woods and rivers of Québec. Filled with toe-tapping dances, foot-stomping instrumentals, and joyous carols, our first-ever production of the Québécois Christmas Revels (reprised in 2017) is a treat for the eyes and ears. Enjoy!

Week of August 3:

Washington Revels Jubilee Voices 10th Anniversary Celebration

Relive our special virtual event marking the 10th anniversary of Jubilee Voices on July 31, 2020. Enjoy newly produced video performances, hear from special guests and past members of the ensemble, and sing along with us! And, if you can, please support Jubilee Voices continued work by designating your donation to the “Jubilee Voices 10-Year Fund”:

Week of July 13:

The 2012 Christmas Revels: “Ghosts of Haddon Hall”

This week “traveling back in time” has two meanings: returning to a sampler of our 2012 Christmas Revels production, of course — and within that show, revisiting beloved elements from some of the earliest Christmas Revels! Enjoy this dual dive into Revels history, along with some dazzling stage magic.

Week of July 6:

Jubilee July Feature: “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?”

“Jubilee July” continues this week and all month long. If you missed Saturday’s special July 4th video presentation on Frederick Douglass’s fiery 1852 Independence Day address, you can watch it in full (with optional subtitles) above.

Week of June 29:

2012 Sampler: May Revels & Ensembles

We’re well into Summer, and in an ordinary year not only would we have welcomed warmer weather with May Revels, but our performing ensembles would be out and about, bringing Revelry to open-air fairs and festivals. We hope that this samples offers you some of the joy that we can’t share in person this year.

Week of June 22:

The 2006 Christmas Revels: Early American

In 2006 we celebrated the Solstice with a quilt made from traditions that dotted the eastern American landscape in the 1800s. Enjoy this joyful tapestry of songs, dances and stories. To learn more, read the 2006 program here.

Week of June 15:

The 2009 Christmas Revels: Italian Renaissance

Return for a visit to Florence and Leonardo da Vinci’s fantastic workshop in this Christmas Revels filled with the music, art, philosophy, and discover of the Renaissance.

Week of June 8:

The 2003 Christmas Revels: “Roads of the Roma”

Enjoy just some of the colorful, toe-tapping, and poignant moments from the tapestry that was our 2003 Solstice celebration!