After-school Workshops

Build new traditions based on time-honored seasonal celebrations.

Experiencing cultural traditions, both new and old, within a community, opens the mind and creative spirit while fostering an awareness of the larger world with its rich and varied heritage. Washington Revels’ workshops address the fundamental need for self-expression and collective joy. Washington Revels teaching artists guide participants to:

  • Explore traditional performing arts through movement and music
  • Discover the unique and universal themes of different cultures expressed in songs, dances, games, and stories
  • Create community through shared arts experiences and playful interactions


**Virtual Summer Term**

Join Washington Revels as we create new traditions together ONLINE! 

Our program weaves together song, dance, crafting and storytelling in an interactive virtual setting that allows your children to build community and explore the world around them right from their own home!

Classes run for three weeks from Monday, July 13-Monday, July 31

  • Little Dragons: Ages 4-7, Tuesdays & Fridays, 3:30-4:30 PM, with Christine Alexander — Class Currently Full, Wait-list Available
  • Hobby Horses: Ages 8-11, Mondays & Thursdays, 3:30-4:30 PM, with Emma Jaster

Tuition for the three-week-session: $120 per child.

Due to the limited number of spots available, we may not be able to offer scholarship opportunities or sibling discounts. Please contact Grace VanderVeer at if you have any questions. 

To enroll your child(ren), please download/fill out the registration form and email it to AND ASAP!

Space is limited and going fast! Registration will be on a first come, first serve basis. We look forward to sharing this summer with you!


Workshop Descriptions


Ages 4-6, Pre-K, K, Grade 1

This special series of workshops is developed with our youngest performers in mind…Through singing, movement, games, and stories, these workshops nurture and encourage children’s love of play. The stories become adventures brought to life, interwoven with traditional songs, dances, and games. Each session stresses teamwork, cooperation, and mutual respect, while also encouraging individual expression.


Ages 7-8, Grades 2-3

In these workshops, students use their whole body, natural curiosity, and creativity to explore music, dance, and drama through traditions, songs, stories, and crafts according to the changing seasons. Emphasis is on encouraging use of the imagination while developing performance skills in a comfortable setting. Perfect for kids who like to play and explore all the arts.


Ages 9-11, Grades 4-6

Dragons, villains, jesters, and more…The workshops are action-packed and performance-based, where students continue to explore the theatre through traditional dances, stories and plays. Students read and write scripts, create characters, and produce skits based on broadly played characters and outlandish or mythical situations. Special Guests from Revels creative team will share the art of song leading, coordinating over a hundred people backstage, and how we combine singing, dancing, audience participation, and acting into a one-of-a-kind Revels event. For your favorite future directors, stage managers, designers, and artists… it’s time to build a Revels!

Teaching Artists & Assistants

Our workshop leaders are skilled in multiple performing arts disciplines, both as talented performers and as gifted teachers. Emphasis is placed on helping youth to actively engage in the creative process, to gain performing skills and confidence, and to develop a deeper understanding of cultural traditions – all while having fun!


Christine Alexander has been teaching with Washington Revels since 2013 when she started as the assistant for all after-school workshops. She has led the Little Dragons workshop since 2016, and started leading the “Teeny Revelers” activity, Mini Voyageurs, in the Winter of 2020. Christine absolutely loves her time with the littlest Revelers! Since graduating from The George Washington University with a BA in Theatre, Christine has participated in the vibrant DC theatre community as an actor, stage manager and teaching artist, including stage managing two Christmas Revels productions. Her experience with children ranges from four summers as a counselor and paddling instructor at Rockbrook Camp for Girls in Brevard, NC, to her work as a Play Specialist at Amazing Life Games Pre-School. She is proud to be a founding company member of the Smithsonian’s Creative Tools for Teaching program, which provides improv-based professional development to early childhood educators in DCPS. In addition to her passion for increasing child-led play as a tool for learning, Christine has a great love for the outdoors — when you meet her, ask her about her 2017 thru hike of the Appalachian Trail!

OMAR D. CRUZ, Teaching Assistant

Omar Cruz became a Revels enthusiast as the assistant director to Roberta Gasbarre (Revel’s Artistic Director) during the 2019 Christmas Revels. He is thrilled to be back as a Revels Teaching Assistant. Omar is also a Teaching Artist with Shakespeare Theater Company and an Arts Educator with Discovery Theater and the Creative Tools for Teaching program at The Smithsonian.

Omar holds an MFA in Classical Acting from Shakespeare Theater Company’s Academy for Classical Acting at George Washington University and a BA in Theater, with a minor in Psychology, from Universidad de Sagrado Corazon in Puerto Rico. Since relocating to Washington, he has performed with companies such as: Shakespeare Theater Company, The Kennedy Center, Keegan Theater, Imagination Stage, Constellation Theater, and Discovery Theater, among others.

SKYE ELLIS, Teaching Assistant

Throughout her childhood adventures and equally imaginative young adult life, Skye Ellis has been led by curiosity. Skye moved from MA to DC to explore community, identity, free play, improvisation, and healing-arts. Her journey started at Hissing Black Cat Theatre Co., where she and fellow players used the healing powers of drama, storytelling, and music to solicit stories from predominantly black audiences, and then retold those stories on-the-spot using improv techniques, comedy, music, and movement (this interactive, improvisational art is called playback theater).

Presently, Skye dedicates her time and energy in D.C. to working in and with ensembles at theatres/orgs that promote learning, uplift the voices of underrepresented populations, and commit to fostering community, such as Smithsonian’s Discovery Theater and FRESHH Inc. Questions about the cis/hetero-normative society in which we’re expected to conform to continue to stimulate Skye’s work as an actress, writer, designer, teaching artist, and friend.

ROBERTA GASBARRE, Education Director & Artistic Director

Bio coming soon!


Grace VanderVeer has worked for Washington Revels for two years. She has been singing her whole life and couldn’t imagine what she would do without music. Grace first became involved in Revels when she was in high school, singing in the Christmas Revels Teen Chorus.  All told, Grace has been involved in nine Christmas Revels shows as a singer, actor, and volunteer, and most recently in her capacity as Volunteer and Education Manager.

Grace graduated from the Catholic University of America with a degree in Musical Theatre. She has taught children in a variety of capacities for over 15 years, including as a Sunday school teacher, tutor, and theatre camp instructor.  Grace is passionate about theatre, singing and the arts in general. She believes in the power of all art forms to transform lives and wants to spend her life making the arts accessible to people of all ages, experiences and abilities.

Washington Revels Education Policies

Download a PDF of these policies here.

Registration Add/Drop Period

Washington Revels allows for an Add/Drop Period through the third class of each Season. A family that wishes to try out an after-school workshop may do so during any one or more of those first 3 classes. (The cost of doing so is $30 per class, and parents must submit a medical form and waiver before the first such class.) No child may start a Workshop after the first 3 classes.


Payment in full is required at the time of registration. Checks (payable to Washington Revels), Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted. There is a $25 charge for returned checks. Confirmation of registration will be sent via email.


If a child discontinues a Workshop before the end of the Add/Drop Period, the parents will receive a refund for all remaining classes. No refunds will be given after the end of the Add/Drop Period.


Washington Revels will cancel any workshop not meeting minimum enrollment requirements and will refund tuition in full. If individual sessions are cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, such as weather, efforts will be made to reschedule, if possible, but no refunds will be issued.

Registration Form & Medical Form

To register, parents and guardians MUST fill out a registration form, with all relevant parent and guardian contact information and a complete medical form listing all medical issues including allergies, medications used, and any physical, cognitive, emotional and/or learning conditions that may impact a student’s ability to participate in the class. Failure to provide complete information could be grounds to refuse enrollment of your child in future After School Workshop sessions.

Special Accommodations

Washington Revels is committed to serving children of all abilities and endeavors to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students. We encourage parents to contact our Education Manager prior to enrollment to discuss reasonable and respectful accommodations and support strategies to ensure a successful experience in our After-School Workshops.

Photography & Videography

Washington Revels will hold all copyright and be the sole owner of all recordings, photographs or other images that are taken during the workshop for any purpose (including but not limited to website and promotional use) other than public sale of such recordings and documents. You will be required to sign a publicity waiver at the time of registration.  When using any images involving children, for any purpose, names will not be used without first obtaining written permission from the child’s parents or guardians.

Release Agreement

Although every effort is made to provide a safe environment, there is always a risk of accident. Participants are expected to carry their own accident and medical insurance. You will be required to sign a waiver of liability and indemnity form at the time of registration.


Revels workshops build a community among participants, and skills build as the session progresses, so weekly attendance is very important. If you know in advance that your child must be absent, please inform your teaching artist by emailing as soon as you know. If an absence is unexpected, please notify the Education Manager as soon as possible by email or phone. Make-up sessions are not offered if a child is unable to attend a session. No credits or refunds can be given for missed sessions.


Classes will start and end on time, so please schedule your arrival to allow your child sufficient time to be settled and prepared to participate. Please do not drop off students more than 15 minutes early unless you have paid for Before Care services. Teachers and assistants will be leaving the building 15 minutes after class has ended, so students must be picked up on time. If you are running late to pick up your child, please contact the Education Manager by phone at (301)-830-4407. After a second late pick-up, a fee of $15 will be charged. For any subsequent late pick-up of more than 10 minutes, the fee will be $30. If you are having a regular issue coming to pick up your child, please contact the Education Manager to discuss your issue.


Be considerate of others in your child’s workshop. Do not bring your child if he or she is “coming down with something.” Children who are not feeling well are not able to participate effectively. Please notify the Education Manager as soon as possible if the student will be absent.

Preparation for Workshops

Please make sure your child dresses in comfortable clothing to allow easy movement. Children should also be dressed in weather-appropriate clothing, as nature walks and outdoor activities are a prominent part of our workshops. We highly encourage children to wear layers. Hair should be tied up away from the face.


We recommend that your child have a snack to eat before each workshop, in order to sustain their energy during throughout the 90-minute class. Children will be allowed to eat before class but food will not be permitted in the room. We encourage you to pack a healthy snack (please: no sugar!). If your child comes to the Revels Office directly after school to participate in Before Care, please pack them a snack in the morning as there will be no chance to pick up a snack after school.

Parents, Siblings & Visitors

Workshops are for children, without adult participation or observation, which inevitably changes the dynamic of the class. If you (or anyone else accompanying the participant) would like to remain in the Revels building, we ask that you wait in the designated areas during the session to avoid disruption. For the “sharing” session of each workshop, family and friends are eagerly welcomed and encouraged to participate. If a family member will be unable to attend the sharing and would like to sit in on the last rehearsal instead, you should email at least one week before that class. Please note that permission to sit in on a class is not guaranteed and is approved only at the discretion of the teaching artist.

Parent-Teacher Communication

Because the teaching artists are concentrating on the children, it is difficult for teaching artists to confer with parents at arrival and dismissal times. If you would like to speak with your child’s teaching artist, please e-mail, specify which teacher, and the teaching artist will get back to you within 48 hours.

General Behavior Guidelines & Behavior Guidelines for Interacting with Minors

In Fall 2018 Washington Revels implemented these Guidelines to apply to interactions between members of the Revels community and specifically interactions between adults and minors. These Guidelines are intended to “articulate standards of behavior that will help to maintain and foster the Revels culture of harmony and dignity.”

All adults who interact with children within our community are required to read this document and sign an Acknowledgement Form. This includes all Teaching Artists, Assistants, Substitutes and Guest Teachers as well as all parents. You will be provided with this document and we request that all people who have permission to pick up your child read the document and sign a form.

Class Behavior Guidelines

The cornerstones for defining socially appropriate behavior are health, safety, and respect for self, others and property. Unacceptable behaviors (as determined by the instructor) include but are not limited to: excessive pushing and hitting, biting, running away from the group and instructor, and/or impulsive behavior that endangers the safety of self or others. If your child’s behavior compromises the safety or enjoyment of the other children in the workshop, the child will be asked to leave the room and sit in the Education Manager’s office for a period of time, following which they will be asked to rejoin the group.  If a child is dismissed more than once from a class we will contact you and ask that you pick up your child as soon as possible.  If their behavior persists we will consult with you on whether it is appropriate for your child to continue. In extreme cases we will ask that your child not return to the Workshops and will refund the remainder of your session cost. Parents will be billed for any property damage due to socially inappropriate behavior on the part of their child.

Physical or abusive verbal discipline may not be used by anyone at any time on the Washington Revels premises or grounds. Sexual abuse/assault is illegal and will not be tolerated. Allegations of abuse or assault will be thoroughly investigated and dealt with appropriately. This applies to all employees, subcontractors, volunteers, parents and students.

Professional Integrity / Non-Discrimination

Washington Revels does not practice or tolerate discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, personal appearance, family status or responsibilities, political affiliation, source of income, or place of residence or business. Allegations of discrimination will be thoroughly investigated and dealt with appropriately. This applies to all employees, subcontractors, volunteers, parents and students.


Valuable items should not be brought to the workshop. Please leave toys and other personal objects at home or in the car. Washington Revels will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items. Items found will be placed in the lost-and-found cubby. Articles left in the lost-and-found cubby will be donated to a local charity at the end of every session.

Inclement Weather Policy

Washington Revels After-School Workshops follow Montgomery County Public Schools for closings due to weather conditions. You will also receive an email from the office if class is cancelled.  If class is not cancelled but conditions are difficult, you are the best judge of driving conditions in your neighborhood and the safety of your street during dangerous weather conditions; please use your best judgment as to whether to come or not.

Emergency Situations

In case of an emergency (a fire, for example), your child will be walked to a safe location where he or she can be picked up. If you are unable to pick up your child during a crisis or emergency, your child will be cared for until you can be reunited. Please provide an alternate emergency contact on the registration form.

[updated 07/30/2019]


Summer Registration Open

Please note: Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

  1. Read the workshop descriptions and policies thoroughly.
  2. Download the Registration Form [fillable PDF].
  3. Include payment via one of the following methods:
    • MAIL – Fill out, print, and mail your completed form to Washington Revels, Education Programs, 531 Dale Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20910
    • FAX – Fill out, print, and fax your completed form to 1-888-587-9050 (credit card only)
    • EMAIL – Fill out, save, and email your completed form (as an attachment) to: AND
    • Scholarships/Sibling discounts may be available – Email for more information.

Registrations cannot be completed by telephone, but please call 301-587-3835 with any questions.