A Fond Farewell

A post by Ross Wixon, Administrating Director
February 9, 2022

Dear Revelers,

In this past December’s Christmas Revels thank-you video email, we wrote that Washington Revels would look to 2022 with “excitement for the possibilities that we know lie ahead!”

While the pandemic continues to offer up twists and turns, this confidence remains unshaken because of the foundation that our community has built together — from the ongoing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion process (whose progress was present in The Christmas Revels), to our expanded virtual programming toolkit, to a stable location at arts-infused Glen Echo Park. Thank you for nurturing these roots for growth over the past two years.

I have been honored that Washington Revels trusted me to help lead our organization over the past year and four months, and to have been closely involved with the important initiatives and exciting developments above. These examples are representative of the many ways in which I’ve learned from our warm and caring community in my almost five years and many roles here.

As it became clear that Revels was on firm footing, and with our Executive Search underway, I recognized that the time was right for me to more fully explore new career interests and opportunities. Last Fall I told our Board of Directors of my intent to move on in 2022 and we agreed that my last day would be February 15.

I will miss being part of the day-to-day operations of our community, and working closely with the Board, my staff colleagues, the artistic team, and Revels’ devoted volunteers. But I am also excited for there to be new voices who will guide the Revels community forward, and who will explore those possibilities that do, indeed, lie ahead!

Thank you for making me feel so welcome and valued during my time here, and please don’t hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn and stay in touch.

With best wishes to all, and to the continued success of Revels,


Ross Wixon, D.M.A.
Administrating Director
Washington Revels

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