Harvest Bounty and Sukkot

From Reveler Rowyn Peel:
Sukkot is a holiday of joy and bounty! We give thanks for the Fall harvest, and we build sukkah, temporary huts. These are based on the huts our ancestors built in the fields during harvest time, but they can also symbolize spiritual protection and support. It is customary to eat meals in the sukkah during the week-long holiday, and to invite friends and neighbors to join us in rejoicing.

We invite you to celebrate with us by watching a sukkah being built, making decorations, learning about the symbolism of the lulav and the etrog, and more! Chag sameach! (Happy holiday!)”

Watch, Learn & Celebrate

At the heart of our Season of Reveling are hearth and home and, in that same spirit, Revelers Judy and David welcome us into their sukkah, to share traditional rituals and the symbols from the natural world that belong to this time of gratitude, hospitality, and celebration.

Tune In to the Tutorial

Reveler Meg Siritzky shows us how to make delicious kreplach — a savory harvest dumpling enjoyed during Sukkot! Watch the video and download the recipe at the button below. (Recipe includes both beef and squash versions.)

Learn to Make

A member of our 2020 Children’s Chorus — the Winter Solstice Children — teaches us how to make an apple that can be used to decorate a sukkah in this short video. It’s easy, fun and looks great, too. Give it a try!

Time Lapse Video

The father-son team of Reveler David Ehrenstein and his dad, Gerry, talk about their first sukkah-building experiences and show how to make a sukkah in a terrific time-lapse video! Be sure to download a Sukkot coloring sheet for kids at the button below!

Learn more about Sukkot here. For more children’s activities and crafts, click here.

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