“Souling Song” for Halloween

Dating from medieval times, families made “soul cakes” in remembrance of the dead around the time of All Hallows’ Eve (which we now know as Halloween). Children would go from door to door, singing and receiving a soul cake for their song, much like our modern trick-or-treating. The tradition, known as “souling,” is still followed in many places in the British Isles. Enjoy this traditional “Souling Song” from the Cheshire region of England around 1893 sung by the Washington Revels Solstice Children!

Did You Know?

“The Souling Song” can be heard on the Revels Recording A Child’s Christmas Revels, featuring the 1992 Christmas Revels Children’s Chorus from right here in DC!

Bake Your Own Soul Cakes

Download a recipe for soul cakes here and decide if you think they’re worth “souling” for!

See the holidays Revelers shared in our “Revels Book of Days” — part of our “Season of Reveling”!

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