April 21-22 – Earth Day

By Washington Revels
April 21, 2021

At Washington Revels, we celebrate the changing of the Seasons, and the many powerful and creative traditions that have grown up as people throughout time have used music, dance, and story to mark those changes throughout the year. On Earth Day, we reflect on the fragile systems that make the Seasons possible. And, since we’re Revelers, we sing!

Celebrate our planet with two special Earth Day features: our annual April 21st Community Sing, held on the eve of Earth Day; and then a beautiful virtual performance of Seth Houston’s “Emerald Stream,” produced by the Washington Revels Chorus for the launch of our 2020 Fall “Season of Reveling.”

Watch April’s Community Sing:

Enjoy Seth Houston’s Emerald Stream, performed in 2020 by the Washington Revels Chorus:

See ALL the holidays we’re marking in the “Revels Book of Days” — part of our Spring “Season of Reveling”!

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