Season of Reveling: Saint Patrick’s Day

By Washington Revels
March 17, 2021

Our 2014 Christmas Revels investigated the experience of Irish Famine Ship refugees coming to America at the end of the 19th Century.

In talking recently with Shannon Dunne, one of our tradition bearers for the 2014 show, she reflected on a later time in Irish history and how it speaks to this pandemic:

The 1935 Dance Hall Act effectively stopped all sorts of in-person entertainment in Ireland, isolating Irish citizens from each other. The current pandemic is reminiscent of that — keeping audiences from engaging with one another and creating the type of community that Revels engenders.

We mourn this lack of interaction. In our contemporary case, it is by health crisis. The 1935 Act was politically motivated. But the parallel is profound.

As Revelers, we will continue to engage. We will continue to connect. We will REVEL ON!

The 2014 Christmas Revels: An Irish Celebration of the Winter Solstice

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  • Experience the joy, struggle, and resilience of Irish immigrants on the difficult journey to the United States, as shown above in three moments from our 2014 Irish Christmas Revels.
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