Season of Reveling: Purim

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This “Season of Reveling” blog post was written by Rowyn Peel in February 2021.

Chag Purim sameach – Happy Purim!

Purim celebrates the story of Esther, and all instances of Jews rising up to defeat their would-be oppressors. An important part of celebrating Purim is reading the megillah (scroll) of Esther aloud to the congregation, who boo and make noise with groggers (noise-makers) to drown out the name of Haman, the villain, every time it is read. It is a day of celebration, feasting, gift-giving, and giving charity. It is common to dress up in costumes and masks, either of characters from the story of Esther, or any costume you like! Some communities hold carnivals with games and activities for children; many Jews bake and eat hamentashen, a tasty treat (supposedly shaped like Haman’s hat). Whichever traditions people follow, it is the most joyous holiday on the Jewish calendar! As we pass down this story, we are reminded that when we work together, we are strong in the face of oppression, and we can use the power of truth to fight for justice. But for today, we celebrate our past victories, through Esther and throughout history.

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