Honoring Asian American & Pacific Islander Month

Washington Revels Celebrates and Honors Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Throughout the year, Washington Revels heralds the rich and varied music, dance, and story of cultures from around the world. Our guiding principle is to bring people together to mark festival times through traditions of revelry — all to celebrate life and to take Joy!

This month of May, which is designated as Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, gives us the opportunity to recognize the inspiration and authentic voices from the plurality of cultures represented by Asian Americans, as well as their individual diasporas. We honor the traditions that live on in the hearts and minds of Americans who share that ancestry and in so many ways have long enriched our performances, events, and our community.

But we must pause to take note of the increased visibility of crimes against our friends and neighbors. We stand in unity with the Asian American community, condemning racial hatred in any form and the ignorance it displays. We value the myriad contributions made by Asian Americans to our nation and acknowledge the wrongs and intolerance suffered by generations of people, including stereotyping, which aids and abets disrespect for the dignity of Asian people. We embrace those members of the Revels community who have endured hate and who continue to endure it today.

Washington Revels will be mindful and vigilant to help reduce aggressions both large and small. We will be led by our best nature and the counsel of those who historically have suffered hurts, and those who currently suffer, merely because of their appearance, faith, or heritage.

Let us welcome everyone to stand equally in our Revels circle. We will strive to ensure that the voices of all people are heard and respected.

— The Washington Revels Board of Directors

Celebrate Through Song!

Friday, May 21, 2021 | 6:30-7:15 PM

During this May’s Carpe Diem Arts-Washington Revels Community & Family Sing, guest artists Motoko & Eshu Bumpus will lead us in song to honor Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month. May’s Community Sing also features many more award-winning musicians celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month and Mother’s Day. Please join us for this free virtual event!