Welcome to the Revels Blog!

Posted by Washington Revels
November 6, 2017

Welcome to Washington Revels’ newly located and redesigned blog!

We’ll be posting exciting content here from now through The Christmas Revels, so please subscribe to receive notice when we post, so that you can:

  • meet the cast, crew, and other folks who are behind the scenes (and in the scenes) of the show
  • learn about some of the experiences of Revelers and the Reveling we do
  • read articles about some of the Québécois-themed content in the show
  • discover the meanings of several distinctly Revels elements that reappear in our celebrations
  • get a sneak peek of the fun we are having prepping for the show
  • and more!

And stay tuned on the blog in 2018. Once the Québec show is over, we will highlight other great stories, offer sneak peeks into other upcoming Revels events, and continue to share the experiences of the folks who Revel with us all year round.

We are delighted to be among the DC-area’s unique performing arts communities, and we love working with and including you in all that we do. The three words in our logo, “Community, Tradition, and Celebration,” express not only who we are, but what you can expect to find on our blog – we invite you to be part of our Community, we hope you will make our Traditions part of your world, and we look forward to Reveling with you at our year-round Celebrations.

Welcome to our blog – we’re so glad to connect with you.

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