Introducing Our Directors’ Blog Series

Posted by Washington Revels
January 1, 2018

Maypole top with ribbons

In 2018, Washington Revels celebrates 35 years of reveling in the DC-area. This gala year will be marked by many special events, and we’re kicking things off with our announcement of a  brand-new series of blog posts for the New Year!

Each month, you can look forward to hearing from one of Revels’ artistic or office staff directors, plus occasional guest posts from Revels cities around the country. These ruminations may take the form of a heartwarming letter, a thoughtful essay, or a brief note as our directors and guest authors reflect on past productions, upcoming performances, inspiring workshops, and the magical, exuberant, and poignant intersection of Revels and modern life.

Visit at the beginning of each month to read the latest post. Want a reminder when the Director’s Blog is updated? Then be sure you’ve signed up to receive our eNewsletter — new this year, this special series will be the headlining item: read the preview in your email, and then click the button to visit our website for the entire post.

Happy New Year — and Happy Reading — from Washington Revels!

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