"Energy, variety, authenticity and world-class talent, recorded in sparkling clarity —the perfect companion for winter in Quebec...or anywhere else!"

—Mary Cliff, Traditions, WAMU

Track List and Samples

Selected audio samples are available for individual tracks; select the arrow to play each one.
1. Vive la Canadienne (Long live the Canadian woman) [trad., arr. Fritz]
2. J’ai trop grand peur des loups (I’m too afraid of wolves) [trad., arr. Fulford Miller & Fritz]
3. The Founding of Trois-Rivières
4. Ah! Si mon moine voulait danser (If only my monk would dance!) [trad., arr. Emlen]

5. Quadrille [trad.]
6. Canot d’écorce (Birch-bark canoe) [trad., arr. Emlen]
7. Le moulignier amoureux (The amorous sailor) [trad.]
8. Auprès de ma blonde (Next to my sweetheart) [trad., arr. Fritz]

9. Rinçons-nous la dalle (Let’s rinse our throats) [trad., arr. Emlen]
10. Tourdion [Attaignant]
11. J’ai tant dansé (I’ve danced so much) [trad., arr. Birch]
12. C’est la belle Françoise (The lovely Françoise) [trad.]
13. Outaouais Medley [Ouellet, Ouellet/Messervier Jr., trad.]
14. Les parties de Grégoire (Gregory’s parties) [trad.]
15. En roulant ma boule (While rolling my ball) [trad., arr. Birch]
16. Blanche comme la neige (White as snow) [trad.]
17. To the Voyageurs Departing [Swanson]
18. Voici la nuit (Now comes the night) [trad., arr. Fulford Miller]
19. Dans les prisons de Nantes (In the prisons of Nantes) [trad., arr. Fulford Miller]
20. Jesous Ahatonhia (Jesus, he is born) [trad.]
21. Cry of the Silver Birch [trad., arr. Fritz]
22. Le sommeil de l’enfant Jésus (The sleep of the infant Jesus) [trad., arr. Fulford Miller]
23. Noël est arrivé (Christmas has arrived) [trad.]
24. Un voyageur errant (A wandering voyageur) [trad., arr. Fulford Miller]
25. La Chasse-galerie (The flying canoe) [trad.]

26. Le réveillon du jour de l’an (The New Year’s party) [trad.]
27. Brandy [trad.]
28. Les plaisirs de la table (The pleasures of the table) [trad.]
29. Oublions l’an passé (Let’s forget the old year) [trad.]
30. A Blessing for the New Year [trad.]
31. Cantique de Jean Racine [Gabriel Fauré, arr. Fritz]