"Energy, variety, authenticity and world-class talent, recorded in sparkling clarity —the perfect companion for winter in Quebec...or anywhere else!"

—Mary Cliff, Traditions, WAMU

Credits and Special Thanks

This recording was made possible through a generous donation from William L. Ritchie, Jr., longtime Washington Revels supporter, performer, volunteer and community member.

Elizabeth Fulford Miller music director
Charlie Pilzer producer
Bill Ritchie executive producer

Recorded and mixed by Charlie Pilzer at Airshow, Takoma Park, MD (airshowmastering.com)
Additional recording by Jeff Gruber at Blue House Productions, Kensington, MD (bluehouseproductions.com)
Mastered by Randy Leroy at Airshow, Takoma Park, MD (airshowmastering.com)
Duplicated by Oasis Disc Manufacturing (oasiscd.com)
Graphic design by Ruthie Logsdon, Jeanne Keskinen (pixidesign.net)
Photography by Sheppard Ferguson (sheppardferguson.com)
Liner notes written by Stephen Winick and Elizabeth Fulford Miller (ed., Helen Fields)

Washington Revels, Inc. (revelsdc.org)
Greg Lewis, executive director
Susan Hall Lewis, company manager
Emilie Moore, rehearsal stage manager

Many Thanks to the Following People

Steven Winick, Riki Schneyer and Autumn Wilson for their assistance with pronunciation.

Victoria Metz and the Arlington Traditional School for loaning the risers to us (thanks Victoria for arranging this); Susan Lewis, Greg Lewis, Will Wurzel and Amber for picking up the choral risers, and transporting them from Arlington to the Blue House Recording Studio in Kensington, Maryland; Jim Lazar, for the loan of his van to transport the choral risers; Mike Platt, Steve Roth and Lars Peterson for showing up early to help move the choral risers into the studio and get them set up.

Flawn Williams, for providing us with MP3s of audio from the 2008 show, for purposes of our study and practice.

Will Wurzel, for creating the 1-page version of Cantique to be used by all of you in the recording session

Emilie Moore, for stepping in to be my rehearsal and recording session manager, and for fielding calls, standing on the street to wave folks into the elusive studio location, and pretty much handling anything that came up.

Caroline Birasa and Margo Brenner for compiling lists from the Google signup form/spreadsheet, and for tracking down folks who had not responded, to find out whether they could participate in the project.