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"...one of those rare events that delight
people of all ages!"
—The Washington Post

Artistic & Production Teams

Coat of Arms for Haddon HallDirectors

Roberta Gasbarre, Stage Director
Elizabeth Fulford Miller, Music Director

Jenni Voorhees, Children’s Stage Director
H. Katherine Toton, Children’s Music Director

Dan Mori, Assistant Director
Ed Churchill, Assistant Director
Rhianna Nissen, Assistant Music Director
Will Wurzel, 2nd Assistant Music Director


Colin K. Bills, Set & Lighting Designer
Charlie Pilzer, Sound Designer
Rosemary Pardee, Costume Designer
Kathleen McGhee, Associate Costume Designer
Cecily Pilzer, Children’s Costume Designer
Roger Riggle, Makeup Designer


Greg Magee, Production Manager
Christine Alexander, Production Stage Manager
Emilie Moore, Children’s Stage Manager
Lois Dunlop, Costumier/Wardrobe Mistress
Robbie McEwen, Costume Coordinator
Linda McHugh, Milliner
Kristin Jessup Moore, Makeup Crew Co-Captain
Linda Smith-Nissen, Makeup Crew Co-Captain
Christine Magee, Wed. Night Work Party Coordinator
Don Names, Props Crew Co-Captain
Jason Morris, Props Crew Co-Captain
Mary Gene Myer, Props Consultant
Barbara Beachler, Hair Crew Captain
Susan Lewis, Company Manager
Diane Winslow, Assistant Company Manager
Marissa Maley, Chorus Manager
Dan Mori and Ed Churchill, Script Managers
Jackie Young, Outreach Performance Coordinator and Merchandise Captain
Debbie Grossman, Box Office Manager
Marta Schley, Front of House Assistant
Sheppard Ferguson, Photo Documentation
Peter Reiniger, Audio Documentation
John Paulson, Video Documentation
Flawn Williams, Audio/Video Editing
Robin Silverman & Barbara Morris Hunt, Sign Language Interpreters
Steve Geimann, Audio Description
Jim Voorhees, Consultant: ‘Lord of the Dance’ Choreography and Trainer