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Join us for the show that The Washington Post says "... should be part of every family's holiday festivities. ... one of those rare events that delight people of all ages!"

Mark Jaster as The Fool

Mark Jaster “... clown extraordinaire and one of the most graceful performers you will ever see on a stage.”
-- The Washington Post

Mark Jaster has been one of the most innovative and popular performing artists in the Greater Washington area for over 30 years. He has amazed audiences with his extraordinary portrayals of Revels “fools” starting with our second Christmas Revels in 1984. This year’s production is his 13th Christmas Revels in Washington (he has also performed twice with the Cambridge Revels). In addition to his five performances as classic courtly Revels fools, Mark has directed and performed in several mummers’ plays; acted as Sir Gawain (fighting the Green Knight) in our 1995 French show; portrayed gentlemen and other characters in two Victorian English productions in 1994 and 2002; regaled one and all as an Italian Commedia fool in our 2001 Italian Renaissance Revels; twice mesmerized audiences as the “Moon Fool” (in total mime) in our “Celestial Fools” Revels in 1992 and 1999; played the lead role as comic actor and dancer Will Kemp, a contemporary and partner of Shakespeare, in the Elizabethan Revels that comprised our 25th Christmas Revels in Washington; and, in perhaps the furthest departure from his roles as fool, a Manx dirk (sword) dancer in our 1993 Celtic show. In addition to his many appearances in The Christmas Revels, Mark has also performed in over a dozen May Revels and numerous Revels Festival Days.

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