The Washington Revels Brass in roughly its present form joined the Washington Revels in 1996. The players had been long-time friends and colleagues, and the Washington Revels organization was the catalyst that fashioned them into a solid entity.

Image of CD coverThe ensemble views itself in a certain sense as a microcosm of Revels everywhere: they
have their own rituals, traditions and personality. They differ from every other part of the Revels only in that their ways are largely invisible to all but themselves.

The release of this recording celebrates the Washington Revels thirtieth anniversary and
documents some favorite moments in Washington Revels Brass history. In classic Revels style, this musical offering is entirely eclectic and includes music from almost every
Christmas Revels show in Washington over the past sixteen years. Many of the pieces
will be familiar to even the most casual of Revelers. On the other hand, a few pieces are taken from the most obscure Revels archives. If there is anything that lends unity, it is the irrepressible spirit of joy and celebration that attends the arrival of each successive year’s shortest day.


Robert Birch – trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn & piccolo trumpet
David Cran – trumpet, cornet & flugelhorn
Sharon Tiebert – horn
Benno Fritz – trombone
Robert Posten – bass trombone

Photographs by Sheppard Ferguson