Health and Safety – COVID-19 Policies

Updated December 2022

For Christmas Revels Audiences

Lisner Auditorium does not require vaccination checks for audience, and strongly encourages but does not require audience members to wear masks.

For Washington Revels Performers and Volunteers

Anyone auditioning, performing, rehearsing, or working backstage as a part of Washington Revels must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19*. Documented proof of vaccination will be required.

* Fully vaccinated means at least two weeks past the last required injection based on manufacturer’s recommendations. THIS INCLUDES AT LEAST ONE BOOSTER SHOT FOR THOSE WHO ARE ELIGIBLE.

COVID Protocols:

All policies to protect the health and safety of our performers, volunteers, audience, and staff are subject to modification as circumstances evolve. If you have questions about this vaccination policy, please email Colin K. Bills at