September 4 – Labor Day Parade

March and Sing in the 2023 Kensington Labor Day Parade!

Marching in the parade

Revelers of ALL ages are invited to join Washington Revels in this colorful and lively parade. Let’s show a special side of Washington Revels to thousands of Labor Day spectators! If you prefer, come sit curbside and cheer with the festive crowd.

Our joyous and robust band of paraders — adults, teens, and children — will dress in colorful clothing and Washington Revels will supply festive ribbon sticks, parade props, and banners! Kids are welcome (including kids in strollers), but children under 13 should be accompanied in the parade by a responsible adult.

If you play an instrument that can be easily carried and you would like to be in the band, let us know that as well. To march with us, use our online form to sign up:

We will email you the details over the weekend, including a song sheet with words and links to the music.

DATE/TIME: Monday, September 4, 2023 — Parade begins at 10:00am
LOCATION: Kensington, Maryland
COST: Nothing!
RSVP: Use our online form to let us know you are participating