Ongoing – Daily Antidote of Song

Daily Antidote of Song: Year 5Washington Revels is thrilled to be contributing to the fifth year of Daily Antidote of Song with our longtime friends at Carpe Diem Arts and new partner organizations throughout the year! Stay tuned for announcements about our next “Washington Revels Week.”

The Daily Antidote of Song features song leaders from across the country and around the world. Join us each day, as we energize our day with the inspiration and connection of singing together.

Looking for the Daily Antidote of Song donation page? In Year 2, please direct DAS contributions to Carpe Diem Arts.

Featured in the Washington Post

“The incredible story of how 1,700 handwritten cards came from across the world for a group of D.C. hospital workers,” by Theresa Vargas (January 27, 2021).

[Jo] Rasi, who works for the Washington Revels and Carpe Diem Arts, both of which have long used music to bring people together, says she never expected the Daily Antidote to turn into what it has become. “We have a community of people who come into this room every day who have never met and who are all developing friendships now. At a time of division, it feels good to see people from across the country coming together.”

Over 100 Song Leaders — local, national and international!

Peggy Seeger, Michael Doucet of Beausoleil, Ysaye Barnwell (formerly Sweet Honey in the Rock), Emma’s Revolution, Reggie Harris, Melanie DeMore, Roy Zimmerman, Arnae Batson, The Nields, Kevin Locke,  Herbert Kinobe, Happy Traum, Kamyar Arsani, Elise Witt, Rik Palieri,  Peter and Mary Alice Amidon & Family,  Clayson & Jeneda Benally, Elvie Miller & Denis Liddy,  Dan Zanes & Claudia Eliaza Zanes, Munit Mesfin, Tim Eriksen, Bognani Magatyana, David Roth, Crys Matthews, Joe Jencks, Matlakala Bopape, Kathy Bullock, AHI, La’Shelle Allen, Sloan Wainwright, Len Seligman, Wade Fernandez, Henry & Betsy Chapin, Diana Saez, Washington Revels Jubilee Voices, Larry Gordon & Village Harmony, Kim Harris, Nicholas Williams of Genticorum, Chic Streetman, Si Kahn, Melisande & Alexandre, Saul Paul, Evie Ladin, Fabrizio Cammerata, Nora Rodes, Greg Greenway, Elias Schutzman, Phillip Bullock, Diane White-Clayton,  Shakura S’Aida, Dave Gunning,  Noah Wall & Tommy Norris of The Barefoot Movement,  Kofi Dennis, Anna Roberts-Gevalt of Anna & Elizabeth, Lea Morris, Jennifer Cutting & Steve Winick, Lilo Gonzalez, The Bengsons, Emile Hassan Dyer, Maggie Wheeler, Cissa Pas, Denis Donnelly, Karen Porkka, Dick Jackson & Cathy Baker, Elizabeth Melvin, Charlotte Blake Alston, Lea Gilmore, Mark Jaster & Sabrina Mandell, Alex Vernon & Sarah Olmsted Thomas, Spyros Koliavasilis,  Shodekeh Talifero, Tina Fillipino, Cheryl Teh, Sandra Kerr, Annie Patterson & Peter Blood, Judith Cohen, Jesse Palidofsky, Abby Ladin & Sam BartlettGerdan of Ukraine, James Hill & Anne Janelle, Molly Hickman,  Harold & Andrea Jones Blackford, Sora Harris Vincent, Rachel Eddy, Suzannah Park & Jennifer Armstrong, Sarina Partridge, Avery Book, Heidi Wilson, Corinne Ducey & Jonathan Een Newton, Katy German, Naomi Morse.
DATE/TIME: Daily at 12:00 noon EST (ongoing until it is safe to gather again)

Special themed weeks in the Daily Antidote of Song have included “Singing for Racial Justice” (August 16-31, and November 4-15); “Archive Challenge Week,” in partnership with the Library of Congress American Folklife Center, with guest hosts Steve Winick and Jennifer Cutting (September 13-19, and November 16-22); “Voting Songs Week” (October 28-November 3); and “Ubuntu Choirs Network Week,” in partnership with Ubuntu Choirs Network (October 18-24). Stay tuned for more exciting partnership weeks in 2021.

Singing for Racial JusticeUbuntu Choirs Network WeekVoting Week - Daily Antidote of SongDaily Antidote of Song - Racial Justice