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Join us for the show that The Washington Post says "... should be part of every family's holiday festivities. ... one of those rare events that delight people of all ages!"

Layali El Andalus wth Tina ChanceyAudio and Video

Audio excerpts

Bene l'barah (Layali El Andalus)
Excerpt 1

Cuando el rey Nimrod (Trio Sefardi)
Excerpt 2

Durme, durme (Trio Sefardi)
Excerpt 3

Kum tara (Layali El Andalus)
Excerpt 4

Yo m'enamorie d'un aire (Trio Sefardi)
Excerpt 5

Video Excerpts

The Christmas Revels 2008

French Canadian, Music, Dance and Drama in Celebration of the Winter Solstice

Pierre Chartrand, dance
Eric Favreau, fiddle
Stephane Landry, accordian
John Devine, guitar
Riki Schneyer, singer
Steve Winick, singer

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