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Children in a Christmas Revels

2017 Children’s Chorus auditions: September 8-10

Revels Children’s Chorus auditions are held in September, usually on the Friday and Saturday after Labor Day with callbacks on Sunday. The Children’s Chorus is open to boys and girls entering grades 3-5 (about ages 8-10).

The children rehearse for The Christmas Revels on 10 Wednesday afternoons from 4:30 to 6:00pm, in Silver Spring, MD, beginning in mid-September; in addition the children attend some weekend rehearsals with the adult cast, as well as in-theater rehearsals at Lisner during Tech Week before the show opens. The children rehearse for May Revels on Wednesday afternoons starting in late March or the first week in April; they also join in a dress rehearsal with the full cast shortly before the performance, which takes place on the first Sunday in May.

The audition is very low-key and lots of fun. Kids are seen in groups of 6-10 and should be finished in about an hour. They will be taught a simple song or two and we will play together, as the ability to enjoy group play and receive instructions in a relaxed way is important. Each child should be prepared to sing a short unaccompanied song; this should be something simple that he or she is comfortable with and enjoys singing (something from school, a carol, folk song, even “Happy Birthday” if they can’t come up with anything else — no pop, please.) Make sure that your child is dressed in clothing in which he or she can sit on the floor and move around easily; no tight skirts, loose sandals or clogs.

Revels is looking for children who are enthusiastic, musical, comfortable on stage and happy working in a group. This is not a production for “Broadway” types: often children used to this kind of show can be very frustrated that it is not a ‘flashy’ process. The Revels child appears more “natural” and can be loud and boisterous or quiet or calm. We try to get a range of ages, heights, personalities and diverse looks, just as we do in the adult chorus. The adult chorus is cast in late May, so our directors will be looking for children to complete these stage families.

Generally, signups for auditions begin in mid-August; starting then, you should call 301-587-3835 to register you child for an audition. At other times of the year, interested parents should send an email to or contact Susan Lewis at if you have questions.

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