Track List and Audio Samples

1. Yonder Come Day | Traditional (1:02)
     Keith Moore, tenor    Washington Revels Jubilee Voices

2. Chickens Done Crowed | Traditional (1:43)
     Keith Moore, tenor

3. Weeping, Sad and Lonely | Henry Tucker (4:22)
     Rachel Carlson, soprano        Jacqueline Schwab, piano     Washington Revels Gallery Voices

4. Good News | James McGranahan (1:04)
     Washington Revels Brass Quintet

5. Susannah Gals | Traditional (2:12)
     Bruce Molsky, fiddle      Beverly Smith, guitar      Charlie Pilzer, bass

6. Hard Times Come Again No More | Stephen Collins Foster (5:58)
     Bruce Molsky, voice & fiddle      Jacqueline Schwab, piano

7. Kedron | Charles Wesley & E. K. Dare (attrib.) (1:28)
     Elisabeth Myers, soprano      Zoe Alexandratos & Jennifer Greene, altos

8. Steal Away | Wallace Willis (attrib.) (3:35)
     Christina Wilson, soprano      Washington Revels Jubilee Voices
     Gregory McGruder, tenor        Keith Moore, tenor

9. Tenting on the Old Camp Ground | Walter Kittredge (3:28)
     Douglas Jimerson, tenor      Jacqueline Schwab, piano      Washington Revels Gallery Voices

10. The General | Bugle signal (0:31)
      The Federal City Brass Band

11. The Enlisted Soldiers | Traditional (2:13)
       Harold Blackford, bass      Gregory McGruder, tenor
       Men of the Washington Revels Heritage Ensembles

12. Battle of Shiloh Hill | M. B. Smith (4:35)
       Magpie (Terry Leonino & Greg Artzner)

13. August | Pete Cooper (4:29)
       Pete Cooper, fiddle      Frank Kilkelly, guitar

14. Lord, How Come Me Here? | Traditional (1:56)
       Gregory McGruder, tenor

15. Sweet Prospect | William Walker (1:28)
       Women of the Washington Revels Gallery Voices

16. Come While My Love Lies Dreaming | Stephen Collins Foster (4:05)
       Rachel Carlson, soprano      Terrance Johns, tenor
      Shauna Kreidler, mezzo-soprano      Michael Lewallen, bass

17. Move Forward | Daniel Brink Towner (0:38)
       Washington Revels Brass Quintet

18. Maryland! My Maryland! | James Ryder Randall (2:00)
       Douglas Jimerson, tenor      Jaqueline Schwab, piano    Washington Revels Gallery Voices

19. August | Jacqueline Schwab (arr.) (3:12)
       Jacqueline Schwab, piano

20. Evening Star Waltz | Traditional (2:56)
       Bruce Molsky, fiddle      Beverly Smith, guitar      Charlie Pilzer, bass

21. The Vacant Chair | George Frederick Root (4:39)
       Terrance Johns, tenor      Jacqueline Schwab, piano       Washington Revels Gallery Voices

22. Salangadou | Traditional (1:05)
       Christina Wilson, soprano

23. Windham | Isaac Watts & Daniel Read (1:26)
       Washington Revels Gallery Voices

24. The Battle Cry of Freedom | George Frederick Root (1:24)
       The Federal City Brass Band

25. Oh Freedom | Traditional (2:15)
       Azania Dungee, soprano     Gregory McGruder, tenor     Washington Revels Jubilee Voices

26. Was My Bother in the Battle? | Stephen Collins Foster (2:41)
       Shauna Kreidler, mezzo-soprano      Jacqueline Schwab, piano

27. Give Thanks All Ye People | William Augustus Muhlenberg (2:02)
       The Federal City Brass Band      Washington Revels Gallery Voices

28. Glory, Glory Hallelujah | Traditional (4:14)
       Phyllis Henderson, Keith Moore, Cheryl Lane, Gregory McGruder, Andrea Blackford, soloists
       Jacqueline Schwab, piano      Washington Revels Heritage Ensemble