Revel Year Round

New Wednesday Night & Weekend Workshops for All Ages

Quilling Workshop
Join fellow Revels volunteers for free monthly workshops where we will teach crafts and other skills related to our upcoming production of The Christmas Revels. Workshops begin in May and will occur every month (May-Aug) until weekly Wednesday Night Work Parties begin in mid-September. All Revel Year Round workshops will be held at the Revels office and are available to participants of all ages unless otherwise noted.

The Washington Revels Office is located at 531 Dale Dr. in Silver Spring, Maryland.
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Upcoming Workshop Schedule

  • Summer Dates Coming Soon!

Can’t come to a workshop but want to contribute?

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Work Parties

Washington Revels Work Parties are lots of fun and accessible to everyone! We have projects ranging from general office work, to carpentry, to prop organization and beautification, and beyond. There’s something for everyone! We organize activities based on who RSVPs to each party, so please be sure to RSVP if you plan to come!

  • Check back for upcoming workshops!


Every year the Revels knitters wow our audiences with adorable mini creations, and this year will be no different. Come with your needles and loose yarn to learn the patterns for this year’s knitting projects. These workshops are for people who already know how to knit. (We aren’t teaching the basics.) More information will be posted later about the patterns that will be taught and the skill levels required for each workshop.

Cross Stitching

Beautiful cross stitches have always been a signature item on the Washington Revels merchandise table. Get together to stitch designs for this year’s Christmas Revels.


An introductory workshop on the art of quilling. Quilling is a type of ornamental craft work involving the shaping of paper into delicate pleats or folds. (Research it and you’ll be transfixed by the images for hours!) Learn to quill and help contribute unique hand-made items to this year’s Christmas Revels merchandise table.

Temari Balls 

An introduction to the art of making Temari Balls. This folk craft from Japan consists of balls wrapped in colored thread to make patterns ranging from simple geometric designs to intricately woven masterpieces.