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Washington Revels stages celebrations filled with traditional music, dance, stories and drama from around the world, revolving around the cycle of the seasons and the joys of community connections. Revels is for anyone who wants to share common ground through old and new traditions—connecting people across time and cultures. Revels is not something that you just watch—it is an experience.

While much of Revels takes place on a stage through song and dance, here on our blog members of our community attempt to capture the magic of Revels in words. We hope you take joy in reading these posts and that you will join us to make your own Revels memories soon!

Latest Posts

  • Washington Revels Jubilee Voices
    News Release – “Jubilee July”
    July 16, 2020 by
    For Immediate Release Jubilee Voices Celebrates 10 Years of Preserving African American Music and History Silver Spring, MD, July 16, 2020 – The Washington Revels Jubilee Voices marks its 10th anniversary on Friday, July 31. Over the past decade, Jubilee Voices has performed traditional African American songs,...
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  • A Statement to Our Community
    A Statement to Our Community
    June 6, 2020 by
    Dear Washington Revels Community, The death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers — another in a long history of atrocities — fills us all with horror, sadness, and anger. Washington Revels condemns the systemic racism and oppression that permits police brutality, that limits opportunity...
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  • News Release - Creating Virtual Revels
    News Release – Creating Virtual Revels
    April 30, 2020 by
    For Immediate Release Washington Revels Continues Building Community for DC in the Face of COVID-19 Free Daily Sing-Alongs and Service Projects Connect across Social Distancing Silver Spring, MD, April 30, 2020 – To ease the burden of self-isolation restrictions, Washington Revels is carrying out its mission to...
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  • A Light exists in Spring
    A Light exists in Spring
    April 3, 2020 by
    Posted by Washington Revels
    Spring is usually a time of excitement as our community prepares for May Revels, our annual celebration of the "greening of the year." Sadly, both of this year's May Revels performances have been canceled. In spite of this, our May Choruses (Adults/Teens, Tweens, and Kids), as well as members of our year-round performing ensembles, have been gathering via Zoom to share music together and to keep our community strong....
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  • Rediscovering a Family Tradition
    Rediscovering a Family Tradition
    November 27, 2019 by
    A post by Ross Wixon, Marketing & Development Director
    What would it be like to go to a concert and feel like you truly belonged? Like the performers on stage weren't singing to you, weren’t selling you some experience — but instead to realize that they were singing and dancing along with you? That this show, this experience, couldn’t be happening if you weren’t there?I like to think that The Christmas Revels is such an experience....
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  • Meet the Artist: Shizumi Shigeto Manale
    Meet the Artist: Shizumi Shigeto Manale
    November 21, 2019 by
    Posted by Washington Revels
    Born in Hiroshima and raised in Osaka Japan, Shizumi Shigeto Manale’s numerous artistic endeavors are dedicated to promoting multicultural understanding and acceptance. She is a world-renowned and highly awarded dancer, choreographer, author, director, and film producer. In 1985 she founded Shizumi Dance Theatre and, from 2000-2015, she directed the children’s dance company Shizumi Kodomo Dance Troupe, which performed for President Clinton at the White House’s Millennium Celebrations. Shizumi also served as the artistic director of the National Cherry Blossom Festival’s opening ceremonies for seven years...
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  • Meet the Musicians!
    Meet the Musicians!
    November 12, 2019 by
    Posted by Washington Revels
    With so many artistic and cultural traditions on stage at once in this year's Christmas Revels, music director Elizabeth Fulford knew "Celestial Fools" needed guest musicians who were masters of many styles and who could move flexibly from one to another in quick succession. It was a tall order, but of course she found them — and Washington Revels is so glad to feature Klezmer and world music specialists Seth Kibel, Vladimir Fridman, and Bob Abbott as the onstage band in our 2019 production!...
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  • A Winter Tale with Many Layers
    A Winter Tale with Many Layers
    November 1, 2019 by
    A post by Roberta Gasbarre, Artistic Director
    Many beloved sagas come with layers of meaning that can deepen and broaden our excitement and enjoyment. The plot surprises and thrills; the characters are funny or charismatic figures that we identify with or find intriguing in their differences from the folks in our everyday lives. As books, plays, and live musical events, these sagas become visceral feasts with beauty and awe-inspiring sights and sounds that transport and inspire — or moments that startle, confront, and make us think....
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  • News Release - 2019 Christmas Revels
    News Release – 2019 Christmas Revels
    October 23, 2019 by
    Posted by Washington Revels
    Washington Revels will present the 37th annual production of The Christmas Revels in eight performances from December 7-15 at George Washington University’s Lisner Auditorium in downtown Washington, DC.The Christmas Revels: “Celestial Fools” will transport audiences to a rustic European village nestled somewhere in the mists of time. As the winter days grow short, three wandering performers arrive from far-off lands, weaving music, dances, and stories from their cultures into an enchanting and dramatic tale of the Winter Solstice. But when the sun finally sets on the longest night — and darkness seems to stretch on without end — these “Celestial Fools” embark on a journey into the heavens to reclaim the light and restore its warmth to the world....
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  • Meet the Artist: Mark Novak
    Meet the Artist: Mark Novak
    October 17, 2019 by
    Posted by Washington Revels
    Mark Novak is a rabbi, storyteller, musician, writer, composer, father, and avid Washington Nationals fanatic (World Series Bound!). He is founder and spiritual guide of Minyan Oneg Shabbat, Washington DC’s Jewish Renewal gathering, and co-founder of The MultiFaith Storytelling Institute, whose mission is to change the world one story at a time. Mark and Washington Revels Artistic Director Roberta Gasbarre first connected through Arena Stage's outreach company Living Stage, where Mark was music director and Roberta was a member of the company. Both are thrilled to be working together again, and Washington Revels is excited that Mark's talents will be on display at Lisner Auditorium this December!...
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